How To Get Involved ~ Financially and with Prayer

As Stewards That Must Give Account

If you could, I know you would go and talk to these young girls and boys about the dangers they face and the opportunities of a life walking in Good News. But you probably never will have that blessing.

   If you could, I believe you would leave your job for two to three weeks and get on a plane and travel to Kathmandu or New Delhi and then make your way north into the village areas where you’d be willing to spend up to three weeks talking with men and women about the value of a precious daughter and the terrible things that await those taken into the deception.

But the fact is you probably won’t have that opportunity.

   And I know that if you could, you’d gather people in the village common area and share with passion how much you want them to hear the Good News and be aware of the dangers facing their daughters.

But you probably won’t be able to do that

You or Your Church can equip a team!

     $1850 WILL FULLY equip a team!

5 – 7 seasoned members will make up your team!

The team you equip will go out for up to three (3) weeks!

Everyday, they will be in villages in highly sensitive areas, warning, teaching, laughing, sharing a meal, and meeting men, women, and families.!

Many precious seeds will be planted!

Many precious daughters will be saved!

It’s that simple. Send a whole team, or give and support
part of a team, then create a prayer group for the team you send.

You will transform lives and save young girls from a life of help on earth.

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