Our Core Strategy ~

Being As Effective As We Can

   Wisdom though experience – The SaveTheDaughters prevention method was researched and implemented over a period of three years. Our mother-organization, The Transformation Fellowship has over twenty-five years of experience working in the Himalayan Mountain Range and was one of the first to implement “assisting indigenous men and women” as a practical way to reach unreached peoples.
   Focus on the disenfranchised and the villages– Although we started out assisting with border-monitoring locations, we quickly realized that other groups were also working in this way. BUT GIRLS WERE STILL BEING TRAFFICKED!

So we took a new approach ~ We decided to implement a program of warning the girls before the traffickers ever got a chance to deceive and lure them with false promises into this life of hell. WE DECIDED TO SEND TEAMS TO THE VILLAGES MOST AT RISK!

We have mapped and contacted every major Christian church along the border of Nepal in order to utilize their volunteer assistance in the anti-trafficking and follow up program. We’ve also mapped and determined the One Hundred Seven (107) areas where trafficking is most prevalent and where our teams will go.
   Make insure our donors’ gifts count for eternity– Our resources belong to God. We have taught throughout the years that whether a gift is large or small, it can still have incredible impact in the region where we labor. We have always believed that the right gift, in the right place, to the right person is the best way to serve in our ministry. We are stewards – not profiteers – or as the Scriptures calls it “peddlers.”